Advanced Keyword Tool With Some Unique Features

In the modern digital era, keywords are the foundational elements that can make or break your online business. The right ones can do the hard work for you and redirect the audience in your favour. On the other hand, the absence of powerful keywords can bury your content deep under the blanket.

Whatever your niche is, it is not far-fetched to say that keyword research has become the backbone of digital marketing. However, you need to focus on keyword strategies as much as you spend time finding relevant and meaningful content.

What makes the process easier is the right set of tools.

Jaaxy claims to do precisely this by giving your content the competitive edge it requires. Created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers, the platform aims to get you accurate keyword results to boost your traffic.

In this review, we will walk you through the various features of Jaaxy and how well it stacks up in the market.

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Jaaxy at a Glance

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool with advanced features that strive to help you outrank your competition. After all, that is the whole purpose of using keywords.

With that said, Jaaxy also stands out for a number of other useful features and tools. The platform can help you find markets and audiences to target the right keywords. Jaaxy can lead you to unexplored niches and content possibilities while eliminating much of the required legwork.

Jaaxy HomepageJaaxy Homepage
Jaaxy Homepage

Here is a list of what you can achieve with Jaaxy

  • Keyword research
  • Identify new niche opportunities
  • Discover your competitors’ strategies
  • Monitor your site rankings
  • Build domain portfolios
  • Find lucrative affiliate products

Using Jaaxy can give you insight into not only your site’s potential, but also narrow down the winning strategies of your competitors. Potentially, this means that the platform could be one of the most valuable tools that you have at your disposal.

Unlike the majority of keyword research platforms, Jaaxy delivers a 99% keyword and related data coverage.

As the tool searches not only Google but also Bing and Yahoo, the data accounts for approximately 99.7% of all the search engine traffic. With a single instrument such as Jaaxy, you can ensure that your site has unparalleled access across all significant search engines.

Let us explore each of its features and how you and your business benefit them.

Jaaxy Keyword Research and Management

Jaaxy is, first and foremost, a keyword explorer. According to the provider itself, when over 500 million new keywords are searched every day, you need a powerful tool to leverage the potential. And Jaaxy can get all the right recipes for great content.

The interface is neat, and all you need is to enter a seed term into its search tab to get the required results. You will instantly receive the search results that tell you which keywords come with low competition as per the SERP analysis.

Here are the metrics that Jaaxy will deliver upon the search.

A Keyword SearchA Keyword Search
A Keyword Search


Average denotes the number of monthly searches for the specific keyword. Remember that this number represents the traffic in Google, Bing, and Yahoo combined. If the specific keyword is going to be your prime target, then you are looking for at least 50 searches per month.


This is the estimated monthly traffic your site will receive if your website ranks on the first page of Google’s search results. Bear in mind that it is the lowest traffic predicted, so there is the potential that you will see more coming in.


Quoted Search Results reveal the level of competition you can expect for the keyword. In other words, it tells you how many other sites are employing the same keywords into their content.

This is a particularly useful feature when targeting keywords. The lower the competition, the better for your website. Jaaxy recommends that you choose keywords with an QSR below 400.


Keyword Quality Indicator indicates how Jaaxy’s algorithm classifies the quality of the keyphrase. It is color-coded, with red, yellow, and green – with green suggesting that the keyword is a great choice. It gives you an easy, visual overview of how the keyword is likely to perform.

SEO Power

This is another scoring system based on the culmination of the previous scores of the keyword. However, note that this is a result of what Jaaxy thinks is best for SEO on how probable it is to rank high with this specific keyword.

On a scale from 1 to 100, the higher the number, the higher the SEO power. Even if you have a different system of narrowing down your keywords, it is still good to know what a keyword research tool recommends.

Domain Search

Jaaxy lets you search for domain names that match your keyword. It will also show you whether those domains are available to buy or not. We will discuss this feature in more detail later on.

Related Keywords

On the right side of the results, you should be able to see a list of keywords closely associated with your search term. This gives you access to more keyword ideas. You can brainstorm for more keywords based on your content here, too.

While the metrics give you a comprehensive idea of how a particular keyword could fare in your content, you can also use Jaaxy for a few other aspects of keyword research. These are more focused on giving you access to competitor analysis and finding advantageous information on your competitors.

Get a list of related keywordsGet a list of related keywords
Get a list of related keywords

Alphabet Soup

Jaaxy employs
the Google Instant and Google Autocomplete to add letter-by-letter to your keyword to predict the search terms. In simple terms, this gets you data on actual searches that people perform on Google. The feature is intended to give you more ideas on long-tail keywords.

Users can see results for “keyphrase + alphabet”. Starting with “a”, you can move the bar to get results on the combination of your keyphrase with any letter.

You will receive a list of keywords here. Upon clicking “search on this”, you will be redirected to the keyword search tab. Here you can see all the same metrics of a standard keyword search.

Alphabet Soup takes a keyword & adds an extra letterAlphabet Soup takes a keyword & adds an extra letter
Alphabet Soup takes a keyword & adds an extra letter

Saved Lists

Jaaxy has two different options for users to access keyword search history. While going through the research process, you can tick any specific keywords and opt to save them in your lists for later browsing. You can create multiple lists this way to organize them. ‘Saved Lists’ also allow you to export keyword lists into a .txt or .csv file.

Search History

The second way to access old data is through search history. It displays any previous searches you have completed, and what type of search it was. For instance, it will denote whether it was a keyword search or Alphabet Soup search. Alternatively, you can also go to the search bar if you want to look up any specific keyword.

However, you cannot find any further information here. For that, you will have to click on the corresponding keyword, and you will be redirected to the keyword research page. The downside is that it will count as another search, which might not be an appealing aspect based on your package.


Let’s suppose that you are looking for trending topics to prepare your new post. Brainstorm will tell you all you need to know about the keywords that are dominating the respective niche at present.

You will get a glimpse of the most popular keywords in not only Google and Yahoo, but also Twitter Trends, Amazon Bestsellers, and Alexa topics.

You can add these keywords to your Brainstorm Queue list, and it will take you to the research section of the particular keyword. If needed, you can also manually add words to your Brainstorm Queue. It allows you to multitask between idea generation and search results.

Brainstorm IdeasBrainstorm Ideas
Brainstorm Ideas


Before we proceed further, there is one crucial aspect you need to know about Jaaxy. In the beginning, we discussed that Jaaxy could be used for a number of content marketing strategies such as niches and domains.

However, Jaaxy does not have a dedicated feature or tool for these purposes. You will be essentially combining the different metrics in keyword analysis to explore new niches and find information on available domains.

Regardless, we will tell you how Jaaxy achieves this in the following sections.

Jaaxy Website and Competitor Research

There are several functions in Jaaxy that you can leverage to determine your website rank, how to improve it, and gain insight into your competition. Jaaxy can reverse engineer any website, and get you all relevant data on its content strategies.

Site Rank

A large part of your keyword research strategy is analyzing whether your efforts are fruitful or not. In order to achieve that, you also have to check your SERP continuously. However, it could be challenging to identify where you stand within the search engine.

Site Rank is one of the most powerful features within Jaaxy that helps you analyze your website and ranking. In Site Rank, you can input any keyword or URL to receive data on how the site performs in terms of ranking. Jaaxy will…

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