It’s Time to Readjust in Preview for SEVEN SECRETS #10 — GeekTyrant

Some big bombs have been dropping in Seven Secrets and it looks like the momentum is still going strong. We’ve got our first look at Seven Secrets #10 and things continue to get a little crazy. Eva talks about putting her family above the Order which is pretty big and then we have Cano saying he’s now the Keeper of the first secret and he needs a holder. Eva is very shaken, and reasonably so. The series is written by Tom Taylor with art by Daniele Di Nicuolo, colors by Walter Baiamonte, and letters by Ed Dukeshire.

Will Amon be able to capitalize on the Order’s fragility to destroy it once and for all? Still reeling from their losses, the Keepers must come together for a momentous decision… one that will leave Caspar at a difficult crossroads. If Amon and the Seekers strike in this moment, they may be able to capture all the remaining secrets, and with it wipe out the Order.

Fans can read Seven Secrets #10 on July 14 with a main cover by di Nicuolo and variants from Jonboy Meyers and Miguel Mercado. Physical copies will be available from local comic shops and digital copies will be available from comiXology (affiliate link), Google Play, iBooks, and Kindle.

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