Ryan Levesque QUIZ Funnel Masterclass Reviews – What Is It?

Back in 2020, CEO and founder of the Ask Method® and best-selling author of Ask and Choose, Ryan Levesque introduced the QUIZ Funnel blueprint to digital marketers and enthusiasts. As someone who has firsthand experience starting a business in the middle of the world financial crisis, he managed to go from an income of $0 to $25,000 in 18 months and then to $1 million/ year in the following 18 months. The secret that led him to enter 23 different markets and to triumph during a period of worldwide hardship? You guessed right; it was and still entails QUIZ Funnels.

The expert is supposedly back at it again with his QUIZ Funnel Masterclass, with 2021 marking a series of additions, fresh perspectives, and learning opportunities like no other. This comes at a great time, seeing how COVID-19 has flipped many lives upside down and led to the creation of a whole new generation of digital marketers, social media influencers, authors, and bloggers among others. For anyone looking to take their current and online presence a step further, the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass might be of interest. Without further ado, here’s a comprehensive guide on the QUIZ Funnels Masterclass:

What is the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass?

The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass is a 6-week digital marketing course that is intended to support individuals with the hopes of increasing their online presence. Namely, this program is trusted to prepare those who want to establish a strong online business, whether it be through existing products and services or starting fresh altogether.

Conceptualized and executed by the lo and behold, Ryan Levesque, this course supposedly gives access to software that serves as its basis. Specifically, it has been created with distinct products, prices, business models, and industries so that people of all areas can benefit from it. As for its content, it encompasses quizzes and tests, means of converting potential leads into guaranteed customers, 27 templates, funnel diagrams, and cases among others. By the looks of it, individuals should be able to gather that everything from the theoretical to the practical and hands-on applications will be provided.

All things considered; we have been informed that certain special accesses will be granted through the 2021 version of the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass. However, to keep the suspense going, Ryan has decided to withhold the information until its official launch date on Saturday, June 5, 2021.

Does the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass carry any value?

As the saying goes, knowledge is power and with a masterclass like that of QUIZ Funnel, it is sure to carry value. In a time where social media and online presence is higher than ever, finding a way to stand out can become tough. Products and services may initially appear as being unique, but unfortunately, replicates of such goods can easily take shape at a significantly lower cost. Hence, a course like the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass doesn’t only educate but also provides tips, tricks, and essential guidance that will have people a step or two further than the rest of the competition.

Another aspect worth highlighting here is the course’s ability to show everyone that it is possible to significantly cut costs while boosting sales. This is deemed attainable because of the QUIZ Funnel software’s added interactive personalized leads. As a customer, having a personalized solution is crucial, and based on our research, this is a factor that often gets missed. Moreover, the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass stresses the importance of transparency and being as informative as possible, which only helps to heighten customer relationships.

How has the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass been structured?

The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass has been broken down into six main modules. Below is a brief on each one of them:

Module 1 – Your Quiz Hook

The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass kicks things off with this notion of a “quiz hook”. To be more specific, Ryan will walk through the steps to creating a quick hook that will help to establish a strong user development for optimal profits. To guarantee this, this module will go over how to generate an idea for a convincing quiz, how to pre-test a quiz for utmost quality, and how to set a catchy name, and title.

Module 2 – Your Quiz Questions

Creating quizzes isn’t as simple as they are made out to be. The questions need to be well-thought-out; they need to be organized in an understandable, yet flowing manner and they should keep individuals wanting for more. So, in the second module, not only will methods to generating quizzes be expounded upon (i.e., Band-Aid or cure transition), but also ways to convince those who take the quiz to buy goods and services. Finally, “9 Secret Elements Post Quiz” will be offered as well.

Module 3 – Your Post-Quiz Offer

The third module is all about the customer (the same way in the two previous modules, but with further emphasis). As a business owner, individuals will be taught to think through the lens of the customer, while also finding ways to increase demand for a good and/or service. To attain these, this module will discuss primarily the five types of questions that should be asked, while avoiding three types. Next, learning to create optimal quiz outcomes during each scenario will be as important. Finally, depending on one’s needs, choosing between scoring and mapping results will be taught.

Module 4 – Your Quiz Pages

Let’s talk about high-converting quiz pages. These are often structured and set up pre-quiz, have a quiz lead design that naturally captures people’s attention, and include a post-quiz outcome page that considers the customers and customers only. Well, to sum things up, these factors will all be considered in the fourth module.

Module 5 – Your Traffic Strategy

After the quizzes have been completed, they need to be used to the business’ advantage. With the fifth module, Ryan will educate everyone on the ways to creating a quiz report that acts as a sales tool as well. He will be placing special emphasis on format, structure, and the report’s design. From there, email customization and segmentation will be the central areas of discussion.

Module 6 – Optimization and Beyond

To wrap things up, the quiz funnels need to be launched and scaled, conversion rate benchmarks need to be compared and the necessary changes to the outcome page should be completed at this stage. Ryan will guide individuals on how to finally come to the finish line, which of course, implies the start to a new one!

In addition to the aforementioned, the 2020 QUIZ Funnel Masterclass offered three bonuses titled, “Bucket 2.0 Quiz Software”, “Quiz Traffic Secrets” and “Business in a Box Training”. That said, the exact bonuses that the upcoming version will house remains a mystery for now!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Q: Who is the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass suitable for?

A: Anyone who has an online presence can enhance their knowledge on ways to increase their followers and can use that to their advantage to increase sales. This might include bloggers, authors, influencers, affiliate marketers, digital and physical goods, and services providers, etc. That said, for people who are well versed in digital marketing, do not have an appetite for marketing, or are in the hopes that something will magically come their way, the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass is not a good fit. Given the nature of this entry-level course, a lot of effort is a must.

Q: Can beginners follow along in the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass?

A: Yes, the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass is easy to follow along for beginners. In fact, this program has been tailored to support those who are just starting an online business or who lack the appropriate guidance in producing high conversions.

Q: Is the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass legitimate?

A: Yes, Ryan Levesque is a well-established figure in the world of digital marketing. As briefly mentioned in the intro, he managed to overcome the hurdles presented by the financial market crash of 2008 and still made millions. This is not to say that his progress was always on an uptrend, quite the contrary. Matter-of-factly, he started at the bottom, remained there for some time, and slowly made his way up, with hiccups in between.

Q: When can interested parties sign up for the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass?

A: The official promotion and sign-up forms for the 2021 QUIZ Funnel Masterclass will be available from Saturday, June 5, 2021, to Monday, June 7, 2021.

Q: Is access to the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass material limited?

A: No, the moment individuals sign up for the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass, all materials will be accessible for a lifetime.


Q: Is the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass protected by a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass has been protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee. To learn more on how the refund policy has been organized, consider…

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