XLMedia Names Nigel Leigh As CIO

Nigel Leigh has been named as the next Chief Information Officer (CIO) of XLMedia, a London AIM-listed digital publishing company.

Leigh joins XLMedia’s executive management team as a digital transformation expert, having previously worked for UK news publishing business JPIMedia, where he oversaw multiple projects that rebuilt the company’s multimedia assets and digital advertising strategy.

Prior to joining JPIMedia, Leigh led The Telegraph Media’s digital strategy as Group Head of Platforms and Digital Strategy.

XLMedia modified its publishing strategy in 2020 trading to refocus its affiliate network on advertising online gambling services, which led to Leigh’s appointment.

XLMedia informed investors in January that it was making progress in re-ranking its penalised affiliate websites Casino.pt, Casino.gr, and CasinoKiwi.co.nz in the Google Index.

Key part of continued commitment

XLMedia’s Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Simms, had this to say about the appointment: “I am very pleased to be welcoming Nigel to XLMedia’s leadership team. Nigel’s hiring is a key part of our continued commitment to become a more data-driven business, build faster and more efficient operations and to forge closer links with our consumers.

“Consumers expect to be treated as individuals and want to deal with companies which understand who they are and what they’re going through – and which appreciate their needs are changing every single day. Nigel’s wealth of experience will be a key asset to our Company as we look for new ways to be even more targeted, precise and personalised – optimising our customers’ budgets to target consumers with hyper relevant and contextualised information and offers.”

Commenting on his appointment, Nigel said: “I’m thrilled to be joining the XLMedia Group. The publishing landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, presenting plenty of opportunities for agile, digital publishers to deliver smart solutions for audiences – and the brands which want to reach and engage these audiences. I look forward to working with my new colleagues to deliver great custom and targeted experiences powered by best-in-breed technology, and enhanced data and AI capabilities.”

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