“We Simply Solve Problems Than No One Has Solved” – Developer Of The OTON Ecosystem

Today, it’s already difficult to surprise anyone with cryptocurrency projects. Though the ICO boom is long over, they’re still popping up like mushrooms after a rain. As a rule, developers try to attract users with income schemes related to the generation of tokens, but not all projects are like this. Rare ones stand out from the general mass of financial offerings because they automate real business processes.

Among these genuine pearls is OTON, which provides an entire ecosystem for digitalizing and monetizing user pools. Sellers and manufacturers of goods, suppliers of training platforms, and bloggers and influencers live and work in this system on an equal basis. Any online service can potentially be connected to OTON.

We’d like to bring your attention to an interview with Anton Elston, OTON’S director of technology, who also works on developing the project’s ecosystem.

Anton, please tell us what role OTON plays in your life? What does it mean to you?

This is my most significant project at the moment. It’s what I find the most interesting and devote most of my time to. It allows me not only to earn income, but also to help many people. I really like doing something new and being at the cutting-edge of innovation, and OTON makes it possible to test a lot of ideas. I don’t know of any other project where it would be possible to implement ideas so freely.

So, you find it interesting?

If you’re looking for a monosyllabic answer, then ‘YES’, it’s very interesting for me.

I’ve noticed that people tend to perceive OTON from the angle they’re coming from. For affiliate marketing specialists, the ecosystem seems to be an affiliate network. Manufacturers see it as an online store – something like Amazon. For bloggers, OTON looks like another social network.  What is the OTON ecosystem from your point of view and why?

We are really very versatile. We try to find offerings for the widest possible audience in order to build a closed, self-sufficient environment. That is, we want to create a solution that will be a complete mechanism. If you come to OTON, you should be able to cover nearly all of your needs and not need to look elsewhere. For example, the goal of any affiliate marketing specialist is income and self-realization. A seller can find (and will definitely find) a product here that they are comfortable working with but may find it difficult to promote their own product. But they will definitely find a team here that will appreciate it if it shows potential.

The first thing we created was a sales department, and we try to give the sales department the products and communications they need. This is how new services emerge around us. All services are created for the sales department. Our task is to sell, and we are ready to sell anything to anyone if it’s ethical. Therefore, we are building services around this core of 150,000 sellers.

The marketplace was created to give the sales department products to sell and, as a result, it became a separate business. Then another category of user appeared on the same marketplace – producers. We were looking for a way to convey the concept of what we do to new users and, as a result, bloggers appeared, for whom we are now developing new features. We assume that our sales department will be able to expand their partner networks with the help of the audience formed by these bloggers and their clients.

We have so many services because we create various offers for our sellers.

“Our strength is not in our technical innovations – people want to work with us because we know how to sell.”

It is difficult for any business to find a sales partner. Most businesses fold not because they can’t produce a product, but because they can’t sell it.

Do I understand correctly that, from your point of view, the OTON ecosystem is mainly a sales system that can be used with any target audience?

At the moment, yes, but now, when we are launching blockchain, we are becoming a provider of solutions for the sales market. Initially, we created solutions for the convenience of our sales department, but now we can scale the same solutions and extend them to other companies. The long and short of it is, though we were obviously built around sales, we’ve now developed so many new innovations that they themselves have become a separate business that can be monetized.

I’ve had a look at the project’s White Paper. Why has it become necessary to create your own blockchain? How did this idea arise, what is it based on, and what does it have in common with the Cosmos cryptocurrency platform?

You probably know that affiliate networks and sales are based on the payment of rewards and bonuses. This is called a ‘commission scheme’, a model for distributing funds between the participants in a transaction. These systems are complex and contain incentives for different types of network participants. There are participants engaged in direct sales who are interested in personal commissions. There are participants that create small teams who sell with their help. For example, if a person recruits two to four people who go out and close deals, that person is interested in a commission scheme, according to which they will receive a cut of the income of the partners whom they’ve personally recruited. And there are also participants who are ready to act as representatives in a large market and build large sales teams. They are interested in career bonuses. They receive income from all the sales of all the partners whom they have recruited, trained, and support. Therefore, a commission scheme is a complex system, and, in order to pay all the rewards, you need to find up to a thousand participants in this chain.

We looked at the existing solutions and found that, in order to perform the necessary calculations and distribute transactions to a thousand addresses, it is necessary to pay high commissions because the architecture of the available solutions was not made to perform these types of operations. We are talking about so-called ‘recursive searches’, which are performed until the result is achieved, though it is not known in advance how much computing power will ultimately be needed for this. Neither Ethereum nor any of the other existing systems with smart contracts are suitable for us because they would not allow us to perform the necessary calculations with reasonable resources.

We have written our own blockchain, which includes functions for calculating rewards for each type of bonus. Now we know for sure that there will be no waste of resources, processor time, or memory – all functions will work correctly without overloading our network. We can make the complex calculations we need, and they will all be of the same type. This is why we created our own blockchain. With all other blockchains, transactions would have cost us too much. For example, with Ethereum, it worked out that you would have had to pay out $10 in commission on a charge of less than one dollar!

It’s clear about the commissions, but you didn’t write your blockchain from scratch, did you? It must be a fork of something existing, right?

— No, we wrote it from scratch, but we took a framework – a set of typical functions that exist in every blockchain, for example, making transfers between users, as well as finding and creating addresses. We took the Tendermint framework, which is used by the Cosmos cryptocurrency, and wrote a lot of our own code to facilitate affiliate sales business processes. In theory, we are compatible with Cosmos, but we are not the same. It’s definitely not a fork. We have our own formulation.

What do you mean by ‘compatible’?

— It means we share the same architecture and, if desired, small improvements will allow us to implement cross-platform solutions.

Let’s talk about the OTON token. What is it good for? What is the character of its emission? Which consensus protocol is used for transactions?

— OTON is an infrastructure token that solves the problem of network transparency. One of the problems with affiliate sales markets is a lack of transparency. A partner can’t see whether a reward was paid correctly because, when it comes time to check, so many sales have accumulated, a heap of transactions, that it is already impossible to figure it out on your own. Companies never release information on transactions and do not issue reports, so we decided to make it possible for any of our partners to track all calculations for all transactions. Therefore, we included all of the functions that perform the necessary calculations when writing our blockchain.

But in order for all of these functions to work, you need to have your own token.

“Our token is what we transfer as rewards. This token is the life blood that runs through the veins of our circulatory system – our set of smart contracts.”

Using our token, we make our blockchain operational and all…

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