Commission Hero Pro Reviews (Robby Blanchard) Does It Work?

Commission Hero Pro is an advanced digital and affiliate marketing training course developed by one of the top ClickBank affiliates, Robby Blanchard. Robby teaches users the most effective strategies to earn more than one thousand dollars per day on the internet in this program. The training course includes an extensive 8-week live master class, customized digital marketing programs, and various other handy tools.

Many people are skeptical when it comes to making money online. However, online income has proven to be invaluable, particularly with the recent health pandemic and uncertainties around resumption of normal working environments. Read on below to learn whether Commission Hero Pro is a good alternative to help you earn money and maintain your lifestyle.

Introducing Commission Hero Pro

Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Pro is a comprehensive online training course. It includes a two-month live master class session, professional affiliate marketing programs, and several additional resources. Users can either pay a one-time fee or $2497 or three payments of $997 per month to access the CH Pro course.

Commission Hero gained huge popularity almost two years ago when it was launched. The initial program helped numerous people to learn the best ways, tools, and strategies to master affiliate marketing, particularly Facebook Ads. Most of the members and students earned over $20,000, thus demonstrating that the course was highly valuable. The CH Pro is a new, upgraded version of the previous Commission Hero program, which contains more information, better training resources, and new software for effective affiliate marketing.

About ClickBank

ClickBank is a leading e-commerce platform that features a wide range of products like eBooks and supplements, among others. The platform was designed to connect affiliates with the product makers. The affiliates promote the products using different digital marketing avenues, and then they can earn up to 75% commissions per sale. Successful affiliates like Robby Blanchard earn millions of dollars annually.

Robby teaches students the best ClickBank strategies to earn nearly one thousand dollars daily in the Commission Hero Pro course. Most of Robby’s students make $30,000 monthly, which translates to at least $1,000 daily.

Key Features of Commission Hero Pro


The CH Pro course is a detailed ClickBank marketing program that will teach you effective strategies to sell products online and earn significant returns daily. Robby claims that his program can help both experts and beginners to earn massive returns online. Here are the seven key features in CH Pro:

Live Master Class

The 8 week-long live master class is the primary feature of the CH Pro course. It includes videos, eBooks, guides, and additional resources to teach students Robby’s strategies and how to implement them to build a profitable ClickBank marketing business. The master class provides users all the necessary coaching, software, help, and resources to experience amazing earnings and results.

CH Pro Toolkits

The creator of CH Pro, Robby Blanchard, has built several customized tools to enhance your likelihood of success in this marketing sector. Some of the tools include programs for quick ad creation, content generation, software for tripling your ad profits, software for identifying buyer audiences, and more.

Quiz Building Software

CH Pro also includes a professional Quiz Building Software that converts user clicks into money. Use the software alongside Robby’s highly effective templates to create landing pages and websites that drive traffic and conversions to all your ClickBank offers. This handy software has already been exhaustively tested on millions of quiz visitors.

Million Dollar Offer Vault

This Commission Hero Pro feature provides exclusive offers to help users easily generate up to $500 per sale. It provides easy access to exclusive publishers with high-converting offers and the capacity of earning massive commissions. Robby teaches ways of identifying high-quality offers and eliminating the time-consuming and boring product research.

Traffic Money Machine

Robby details the best ways to drive targeted, profitable web traffic to your ClickBank offers in this part of the CH Pro course. It includes easy-to-follow blueprints that guarantee numerous sales every day. He also teaches the Pro-Rocket strategy that delivers quick business scaling.

Rapid Scale Training

Robby shares strategies on how you can enhance your financial life and start spending thousands of dollars in profits. It involves paying for ad traffic to obtain the best quality traffic that guarantees better conversion rates. This CH Pro component will explain the strategy and offer information on scaling it to achieve sustained growth.

Commission Hero Community

CH Pro also provides users’ access to the broad Commission Hero Community that contains keen, like-minded affiliate experts. You can ask questions and get friendly support from both the community and Robby’s team. This community will help spur your success in ClickBank marketing.

Commission Hero Pro Bonuses

CH Pro includes several notable bonuses to ensure maximum returns for the users. The bonuses include the following:

Access to Commission Hero Live Virtual Events

The first CH Pro bonus for all purchases is the access to future live virtual events held by Robby and his special guests. The users will get an extra two days of intensive insider coaching, training, and strategies. The events will typically feature highly successful experts who are making millions annually online. It will allow members to discover the proven digital marketing strategies that they can implement to enhance their sales.

$100k Worth of DFY Campaigns

DFY campaigns are highly convenient since they have already been proven to be effective. This bonus features some of the most profitable campaigns that generated vast amounts of money. Users can use these campaigns to run their own offers and earn considerable returns from ClickBank.

My Ad Library

The creator, Robby Blanchard, has also included his personal advertisement collection as a bonus. The library contains more than 1,000 images that Robby claims have already made him earn millions.

DFY Copy

Excellent copy is critical for any success with digital marketing. Robby provides high-quality done for your ad copy to enhance your campaigns. Robby and his professional copywriter developed the copy. Besides access to the prebuilt ad copy, this bonus also features training on how to write high-quality sales and advertising copy.

Million Dollar Insider Training

Learn the strategies, scaling tactics, and ad development methods that made Robby Blanchard earn millions of dollars. This bonus will also include sales strategies, credit card tips, and many other tips. For instance, you will learn how to earn higher commissions and significantly increase your sales.

Commission Hero Card

An ad-friendly debit card is also included as part of the CH Pro bonuses. This card offers 2.2% cashback rewards on ad purchases. Furthermore, the card does not have any additional fees

How much is Commission Hero Pro?


There are two main buying options available, and they include:

  • 3 monthly payments of $997
  • 1 payment of $2,497

Does Commission Hero Pro offer Money Back Guarantee?



Robby Blanchard offers clients a one-month money back guarantee on CH Pro purchases. If you do not see amazing outcomes within the first 30 days of using this training course, then you can take advantage of the refund policy. Your refund will be processed quickly without any hassles.

Is CH Pro Legit?

Robby Blanchard’s CH Pro program is 100% legit. Robby is transparent and has revealed how he successfully made millions on ClickBank. There are multiple reviews and proof available to show that Robby’s marking strategies have helped numerous people.

Over the last few years, Robby Blanchard has mentored and taught students to attain the same level of success that he has had as one of the best ClickBank marketers. Some of his student’s progress is highlighted on his page, and most of them show massive gains and positive feedback. His past students’ stories show that they were generating thousands of dollars from implementing Robby’s Commission Hero affiliate marketing solutions.

However, Robby Blanchard is also keen to explain the fact that positive outcomes aren’t guaranteed. This program simply offers you the best tools to transform your life. You must put in the effort and apply the teachings in this course to get the great outcomes you desire.


The all-new Commission Hero Pro is a comprehensive digital course on capitalizing on affiliate marketing through ClickBank to earn significant profits online. Robby Blanchard created this…

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