These Gucci Sneakers Tick Every Luxury Sneaker Box

Nowhere is the pendulum of style more blatantly apparent than in the world of sneakers, and in particular the world of luxury sneakers. While the big names like Nike and adidas introduce a new silhouette now and again, luxury brands release a new flagship model or three every season. That consistency makes it really easy to see which trends are in and which are fading into insignificance.

If you’ve been paying any attention to style in the past year, you’ll have caught on to a firm return to retro styles in footwear. While the fascination with futuristic utilitarianism is still alive, an antidote comes in the form of ‘70s-style sneakers and, of course, Alessandro Michele’s Gucci is at the forefront of this move. Michele just reasserted his label as a front runner with one of the season’s most successful original sneakers in the Basket High-Top.

We’re used to Gucci sneakers being on the mark — for seasons now, their understated Ace Sneakers have ruled the roost. The Basket High-Top, however, represents a step forward for Gucci sneakers. These are, by no means, timeless sneakers like the aforementioned Ace Sneakers. They’re a heady cocktail of trends, but they really work.

Looking to early basketball styles, the high-top Gucci sneakers feature a recognizable silhouette and references throughout the upper. From flashes of Jordan-like red to the lace-up collar, there are a bunch of characteristics we’ve seen before. But while the overall style leans towards vintage designs, the intricate, layered upper made up of neoprene, mesh, and rubber feels up-to-date, even futuristic. There’s a nice tension found between the recognizable and the refreshing, the past and future; these Gucci sneakers feel as though they could just as easily be in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or Mad Max.

Shop the new Gucci sneakers below.

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