Promo Leads An Affiliate Marketing Platform Enhances Support Services to Customers

Promo Leads puts you in control of your advertising campaigns. Regardless of whether you’ve been an active affiliate marketer for years, or whether you are just getting started, Promo Leads delivers everything you need to excel.

TALLINN, Estonia, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — After an impressive initial month in the digital marketing industry, surpassing all expectations, Promo Leads has announced that it is expanding its customer service staff. Thus, support to users of the brand’s platform and mechanism will be granted on several new channels, and service hours will be extended. These changes are to take place immediately, and will be felt by all clients around the world.

“We are flattered by the growing interest in us and our products and services,” commented Promo Leads’ spokesperson Samuel Adams. “When we started this adventure, just a few months ago, we knew it would turn out successful. We’ve hired the best professionals in the sectors of analytics, finance and service. Now it’s time to give back to the thousands all around the globe who have put their trust in us, and this step is just one of many to come.”

A new way to grasp digital marketing

If there’s something to be learned from the year of the pandemic, it is that there’s a need for out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to digital marketing. As traditional models collapsed during the crisis, few brands were able to persevere. In that sense, the decision made by the founders of Promo Leads, to enter the market at such fragile times, was a risky one – but so far seems to be paying off.

The company operates a lead generating platform, enabling freelance marketers to use its services in order to put their skills to work. Promo Leads has collaborated with thousands of businesses around the world from different industries, to grant the demand side of the equation – and to let marketers make a living off of meeting that demand. This is all executed in a simple, three step process, which includes the creation and publication of online advertising content, as well as monitoring and analytics through its lifetime.

“Promo Leads is all about disrupting the way online marketing is done,” added Adams. “We’re proud of the way we’ve changed the industry in the short time since our establishment. We promise to keep being attentive to our customers’ needs and to evolve accordingly. We know that this is the only viable way to develop as a brand. Sadly most of the other players in our industry jost don’t seem to get that, and that’s why we plan to keep being there for marketers who require our services.”

About Promo Leads

Founded earlier in 2021 by a team of expert financial analysts and marketing executives, Promo Leads has managed in a short time to become a known and trusted digital marketing brand. The company provides advertising services across the world in different languages, with the help of its proprietary platform. All users of this platform also enjoy constant monitoring performed by Promo Leads’ professional staff. Support is now granted through email, direct messaging and telephone, and all of the relevant details can be found on the company’s website.

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