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Marketing strategies and the field of digital marketing is one of the most versatile and dynamic domains in modern times. Every now and then there are new strategies, methods and solutions evolving in the field. 

Any successful marketer must stay up to date with these latest transformations to make the most of their campaigns and efforts. 

A lot of new people in the field often search for guides and training programs that can help them achieve success with their marketing campaigns. 

That being said, Live Marketing HQ is one such affiliate marketing training program by Justin Austin that comes along with the Ultimate Copywriting Guide e-book to help people break their sales records. 

Live Marketing HQ training program comes with a copywriting guide and is designed to offer comprehensive guidance and training to affiliate marketers as well as to a seller through the ClickBank marketplace.

It is not unknown that copywriting is the key to success when it comes to ClickBank. The transforming digital platform needs improvised strategies supported with powerful insights to ensure success. 

This is where Live Marketing HQ and the Ultimate Guide to Copywriting ebook can help. Created and headed by Justin Atlan, well-known as Inc. 5000 CEO and an 8-figure marketer, the program offers a complete guide on how to leverage the best strategies and insights on ClickBank. 

In this Live Marketing HQ review, you will get all the information about the guide and what to expect from it when you are buying it. 

Wondering if Live Marketing HQ and the Ultimate Guide to Copywriting ebook is worth the price? Read on and find out. 

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Live Marketing HQ Review: Brand Overview

The Live Marketing HQ program is created by Justin Atlan, a very well known personality in the field of marketing. Along with being the Inc. 5000 CEO and 8-figure marketer, he also jointly founded the very famous ClickBank University program with Adam Horwitz. 

The LM HQ program comes with the Builder 2.0 software and the Ultimate Copywriting Guide. The Ultimate Copywriting Guide is written by the famous copywriter Matt O’Connor who has more than 12 years of experience in the field of copywriting.


  • Effective and helpful and available at a reasonable price. 
  • An exclusive and unique training program that highlights numerous ways of making money online. 
  • Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee policy.
  • With just two payments you can have lifetime access.
  • Have versatile uses including building sales pages, unlimited number of product pages, optin pages, and membership sites.
  • Created by experienced marketers Justin Atlan and Matt O’Connor who can be trusted when it comes to digital marketing and successful copywriting.


  • You may receive a lot of promotional mails inviting you to join other programs.
  • The Live Marketing HQ training program is still new in the market. 
  • The monthly cost of the training program might seem to be a little expensive for some people.  
  • It teaches you to make money as a marketer or affiliate through paid traffic methods, which will still cost you money.

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What is Live Marketing HQ?

Live Marketing HQ is basically a membership website designed for affiliate marketers and sellers on the Internet. The website is currently offering three key products which are highly effective training programs. It offers training on the different ways of making money through the ClickBank marketplace. 

The two most useful ways contained in the program, to help users make money online are through: 

  1. Digital publishing
  2. Affiliate marketing

The program offers an ebook, which is known as Ultimate Copywriting Guide. This ebook contains 77 highly effective and useful tips on writing a sales page or a content copy that can successfully make sales and lead to the highest conversions. 

The program is designed in such a way that it can help both learned and experienced marketers as well as amateurs entering the field of digital marketing. 

The ebook takes you through a complete course starting from the basics to the advanced levels of writing effective sales copies that can lead to the most successful results. 

The biggest advantage of the program and how it differs from most other similar digital marketing programs is its specialisation. Live Marketing HQ program is highly specialised and does not contain random or generalised tips and strategies. 

The training program provides training on the most effective ways of making money through the ClickBank marketplace. The guide is directed towards publishers as well as affiliate marketers. 

This means that unlike other courses or training programs that are generalised, this training guide is for sellers who sell their own products as well as affiliate marketers who promote products of other sellers and brands for a certain amount of commission. 

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Why Should You Use Live Marketing HQ training? 

If it comes to the most effective and comprehensive affiliate marketing training online, Live Marketing HQ is the best option you have got. 

Not just for affiliate marketing, but even if you are a publisher selling your own products, this might just be the training program that you had been looking for. 

Anyone working through the ClickBank marketplace already knows that copywriting is the key to success on ClickBank. 

When the focus is on writing effective sales copies, Live Marketing HQ offers the Ultimate Copywriting Guide, an ebook that comes with best tips and secrets which is created from over $100 million worth of ClickBank sales. 

Sloppily written sales copies, affiliate emails, articles, or banner ads, can take you nowhere when it comes to the ClickBank marketplace. And, this is why you need Live Marketing HQ to make the most of your efforts and get the best results. 

Titled as, “77 Surefire Tips to Accelerate Your Online Marketing Success,” the ebook is tailor made for affiliate marketers and self-styled online entrepreneurs who have taken the way of digital publishing. 

The training program offers a complete guide to handle the most mentionable and major copywriting challenges faced by ClickBank affiliates. 

The guide helps copy-centric ClickBank publishers achieve success through their digital publishing efforts by addressing all the relevant questions and putting forward the most effective strategies and solutions when it comes to creating a successful sales copy. 

Key Highlights of The Ultimate Copywriting Guide: The USP of Live Marketing HQ

The Ultimate Copywriting Guide can be considered to be the USP of the Live Marketing HQ program. It is something that every marketer and publisher working on ClickBank must get their hands on. 

The book is a really useful guide on successful copywriting and contains 77 useful tips and insights for successful sales copy creation. This copywriting guide can be the perfect way to develop effective and most useful copy creation strategies to make maximum impact through ClickBank channels. 

The guide is divided into 12 sections and each of the sections take care of a particular area of effective and successful copywriting. 

  • The basic content rules
  • The “Know-like-trust-buy” model
  • The basics of a digital sales funnel
  • Choosing the right strategies and weapons
  • Turning the ClickBank marketplace into your swipe file
  • In-depth knowledge about ClickBank
  • Market targeting: Understanding your market
  • Techniques on writing compelling stories that sell
  • Market differentiation strategies 
  • The importance of research 
  • Optimizing your efforts
  • The final offer to readers

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Unique Features of Live Marketing HQ

The Live Marketing HQ program offers training on two different business models through the ClickBank marketplace. 

The program works to address the needs of merchants as well as affiliates on the ClickBank marketplace. The training program offers some exclusive strategies and solutions that makes it stand apart from other similar marketing training programs available on the Internet. 

Let us take a look at how the Live Marketing HQ program helps affiliate marketers and publishers selling their own products through ClickBank. 

  • For publishers selling their own products

ClickBank is a marketplace that primarily involves the sale of various kinds of digital products like courses, ebooks, software tools, and so on. 

In the Live Marketing HQ program that is designed for publishers selling their own products, the training program highlights the most effective strategies of marketing research along with techniques on how to come up with your own product and upsell solutions. 

The program helps publishers with effective solutions for creating sales pages, as well as tips on connecting…

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