How Much Money Instagram Influencers Earn: Real Examples

  • Influencers on Instagram earn money in a multitude of ways.
  • From sponsored content to getting tips on IG Live, creators balance several streams of income.
  • We spoke with dozens of creators who shared how much money they earn.
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Instagram and influencers go hand-in-hand. 

The Facebook-owned social-media platform has become a primary stage for influencers launching their careers. And they don’t need millions of followers to earn money on Instagram.

As more brands turn to smaller creators like “nano” or “micro” influencers with under 100,000 followers, establishing a career as a creator is no longer a pipe dream. 

But it’s not so straightforward to start earning money on Instagram. Unlike YouTube, Instagram doesn’t yet have a comparable payment system in place like YouTube’s Partner Program. Typically, influencers rely on sponsored content to make a living. From posting a picture to the main feed with #ad to sharing swipe-up links in a series of Stories, sponsored content takes on many different shapes.

Rates for these types of brands also vary.

Each deal has to account for an influencer’s following, engagement metrics, and niche, while also calculating added fees like exclusivity, usage rights, and timing.

Sponsored content, however, isn’t the only income generator for these influencers — although it is generally the most lucrative.

Influencers also make money on Instagram through commissions on affiliate links, selling merchandise and DTC products, and monetization tools the platform is slowly rolling out. 

Insider has spoken with dozens of Instagram influencers about how much money they charge brands for sponsored content and how else they make a living using the app. 

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of Insider’s Instagram money log series:

Working with brands on sponsored content is how many influencers earn an income on Instagram.

But how much money do influencers actually charge for these deals?

17 Instagram influencers told us how much they made from sponspored content. Here’s a full breakdown of our coverage:

“Macro” and “Mega” influencers

Micro influencers

Nano influencers

How influencers earn money beyond brand deals

From earning a small commission through affiliate links to getting tipped by followers on an Instagram Live, there’s a menu of supplementary sources of income for creators on Instagram. 

How much money do influencers make through links or selling their own products?

Affiliate marketing

Influencers use platforms like and ShopStyle to generate affiliate links, or discount codes provided by brands, to earn a percentage of sales. 

Read more:

Getting tips via Instagram Badges

In 2020, Instagram announced “Badges”, which allows fans to tip creators who livestream on the app. Instagram also started paying some creators who use Badges with “Bonuses” in June.

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Selling direct-to-consumer products and merch

Influencers can sell their own products and merchandise directly through Instagram’s shopping features, or leverage their audience to promote their own brands and DTC products.

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Reselling clothing

Resale apps like Poshmark, Depop, and Etsy have become lucrative small businesses for many Instagram creators. 

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Read More:How Much Money Instagram Influencers Earn: Real Examples

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