Strawberries, Squirrels and Cerulean Blue Wellies

JW Anderson Spring/Summer 2022 Men’s. Paris, France

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Florals for spring aren’t groundbreaking, but strawberries certainly could be. They’ve been there right in front of us the whole time, so obviously yet so underused in fashion. No more thought Jonathan Anderson whose namesake’s Spring/Summer 2022 men’s and Resort 2022 women’s collections were plastered with the bright red fruit.

They were everywhere, on giant knits, sleeveless vests, workwear trousers, shearling tote bags, matching tracksuit tops and bottoms. One was blown up in 3D on navy pool slides, others in a bowl featured on wrapping paper depicting an 18th Century painting of a squirrel eating an acorn. That one was sent out to the press, including myself, a few days prior to the show reveal. The range of images came in different sizes, some included a foldable picture frame, all shot by Juergen Teller.

“I liked this idea of creating something which felt a bit like going back to school,” says Anderson. “When I was younger, we used to get our pictures taken at school and you’d get these packs of photos and frames. I liked that concept of each of the photos being able to stand on their own. You could even put it on your mantelpiece.” I’ll keep mine boxed up for now, but it will be held onto.

More importantly, who is the JW man? According to the brand, “the protagonist is a lad, caught in the moment when sexuality awakens, captured in states of altered domesticity, complete with beaded curtain dresses. There is palpable ambiguity, and provocative wrongness, to his dressing choices, which feature running shorts and tracksuits, but also pillows that have been reconfigured as dresses. Although as fluid as ever, the line-up is proudly masculine, in an ambiguous, adolescent way.” That’s clear, youthfulness with a slight sexual tension.

“This season we have focused on this idea of, nearly in the bedroom. The kind of the glorification of being who you are or what you want to be: the idea of the privacy of the individual.”

Jonathan on JW Anderson SS22 Men’s

Highsnobiety’s Shopping List

The Fashion Squirrel

I live next to a big park in London where over lockdown I’ve acquainted myself with some furry fauxs. These seemingly perky creatures like you to think they’re minding their own business but don’t fool yourself. People like to play Snow White by befriending these glammed up rats, so they’re used to getting fed meaning they swarm you with every step. Let’s pray this JW Anderson-endorsed fashion squirrel will keep them at a distance. Doubles as an antiqued brooch.

Oversized Strawberry Knit

Remember that cartoon character originally used in greeting cards turned tv star Strawberry Shortcake? Well I certainly do, because my sister was born in 2009 so I watched more of the relaunched series with her than I’m proud to admit. A few years ago, the rights to the character, along with those of Peanuts, were sold for $345 million. JW, you’re a marketing genius.

JW Anderson Sneaker

JW’s first big solo sneaker launched earlier this year, inspired by “the idea of cladding a surface, applying different paper-cutouts and something that was angular.” Sure. What’s more important is that these are a big update from his past collaborations with Converse. Literally wearing a black pair while I type this.

Chain Wellies

Not cerulean blue, not not cerulean blue.

JW x Persol Sunglasses

These yet to be formally announced round pair of sunglasses in collaboration with Persol will look so bad on my rounder face. I’m getting them.

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