Compare and Connect Appoints NewsXtend as Digital Marketing Agency

Compare and Connect, one of Australia’s leading utility connectivity and comparison platforms, has appointed NewsXtend as its digital marketing agency.

Compare and Connect recently appointed NewsXtend as a digital marketing agency.

Compare and Connect provides an accessible and resource-rich one-stop platform for making informed decisions about a variety of services, including gas and electricity planning, telecommunications services such as broadband and moving services. I will.

Compare and Connect provides clients with a free, fast and easy end-to-end solution.

Neil Saligrama, Founder and CEO of Compare and Connect, said: “Compare and Connect establishes a direct consumer brand, provides every consumer with a unique digital experience, and partners with NewsXtend to drive that goal.

“The broad approach NewsXtend has taken allows Compare and Connect to reach a larger audience through social, Google, printed matter and affiliate marketing.”

The connection between NewsXtend and News Corp Australia was seen as an advantage.

“We have a unique position in the market because of the large amount of support, but the approach is very fresh and unique,” said News Xtend.

Compare and Connect were after the package that offered an omni-channel approach.

“We found News Xtend to be the best fit for our business,” says Saligrama.

“Their agility and openness to work made all the difference.

“Apart from their ability to be extraordinary excellence, they were a very relationship-driven business and we really loved it.”

Having the perfect combination of products was important for comparison and connection.

The ability to find a distributor that allowed them to create custom packages for digital products was one of the decisive factors in choosing NewsXtend.

Saligrama explains: “We are trying to spend more than $ 5 million on News Xtend over the next few years, so choosing the right partner was very important.”

Compare and Connect, which had previously partnered with various other agencies, realized that it wasn’t getting the promised results.

“Our approach is very broad because we have big plans and we play in many industries,” said Saligrama.

“We found that the NewsXtend team has a wealth of knowledge to understand our problems and challenges and to assist us through this process.”

He said it is imperative to partner with an agency that understands the needs and wants of the business as it plans to move the business to an initial public offering.

“News Xtend plays an important role in helping us reach our goals,” says Saligrama.

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