Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers 2021: Complete Guide

The romantic image of the impassioned writer, slaving away in a Victorian garret, suffering for his or her art, as he or she tries to pour their heart and soul into a masterpiece has long since waned. Today that same writer would probably be looking for ways to make money online, and affiliate programs for bloggers are a great way to do just that.

With the convenience of the laptop and free wifi, writers can practice their craft anywhere in the world. No need for either the Victorian garret, going slowly mad in the weak flames of the candlelight, or the freezing office job, stuck at a desk for eight hours.

In fact, writers actually can start to see quick returns on their prose through a variety of smart marketing tips that can monetize their blogs.

While it certainly is nice for blogs to be appreciated for their words, opinions, and graphics, most blogs will not make money, but rather will usurp a hefty portion of time. Therefore, if you have the writing skills and the desire to make quick and easy money (be honest, who doesn’t), then this article is definitely for you.

Affiliate Programs for Bloggers Can Make Real Money

It may appear to be too good to be true.

Isn’t this some sort of scam or strange magic?

But you can make money writing and blogging.

So now the burning question is how can you do this? How can this dream manifest itself and when can you buy that Victorian house on the corner?

The first step is to decide that your blog is for the purpose of making money, that this is, in fact, your ultimate goal. Create a blog that will be seen and read by many active consumers and perhaps even compulsive spenders.

Connecting to people with the internet is both easy and difficult, and will require that you find ways to stand out. You can try to do this with simple SEO, but you will probably have to use social media, to find your niche. Time also plays a role, and you will need to dedicate a year or two to cultivating a following online.

How to Start a BlogHow to Start a Blog
How to Start a Blog & Make Money in 2020: Your Step-by-Step Guide

A large audience of visitors to the site are potential buyers to what the blog can sell, so it is best to choose a popular and profitable topic. You may be the biggest aficionado of mid-century horror movies, but that is definitely going to be a niche blog, so think bigger than your own hobbies and interests.

Remember that as a blogger, there will be a great deal of competition in the virtual world, and you will want to “stand out”. Multi-media can also be a good way to go, and making YouTube videos is both cheap and easy.

If you are going down the right path in terms of trends, you should be able to find people that are interested in your products.

Getting Attention for Your Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

If there are millions of people already doing this online, how does one “stand out” from the rest?

Quality is important. Although you don’t have to be an expert on a topic, you should be outstanding at generating content, posting frameworks, and information value. It may take some time to hone the writing skills, but it will be worth it in the end.

Don’t be discouraged. Again, quality content cannot be underestimated as this will attract readers, and buyers, to your page and hopefully, they will then click on the links and buy, so you can reap the rewards.

But another way to reach people and to make money is to research the best affiliate programs for bloggers. People love to shop online, and this is a big opportunity for anyone who can make compelling content. You don’t need much in terms of investment capital, but you will need time and energy to build up your online presence.

Get to Know Affiliate Marketing

So what exactly is affiliate marketing?

In the proverbial nutshell, affiliate marketing is using your blog to sell a product or a brand, then being compensated by the company or creator of said product or brand. Compensation usually is a percentage of the revenue the company has earned through your website.

Therefore, it is a nice arrangement in which everyone involved wins.

Keep in mind that your blog must be geared towards the promotion of a particular item or company, through ads and/or links that direct the blog traffic to the seller’s website.

Also, if you are new to blogging, it may take some time to be approved by the various programs, since you must apply. As frustrating as it might initially seem, don’t give up.

The following is a list of some of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.


AWIN Global Affiliate Marketing Network has 30,000 brands on its networks and has an impressive array of global merchants, including Groupon, Marks and Spencer, Etsy, Trip Advisor, Air New Zealand, and Disney Movie Club.

Because of the amount of affiliate programs on offer, AWIN is suitable for all kinds of blogs – you should be able to find some offers that will fit within your niche.

Every day, roughly 260 affiliates join the award-winning AWIN, which earned over $650 million last year.



The platform is user-friendly and intuitive and helps to manage your affiliate campaigns. Creating links is easy, including the plug-in “convert-a-link”. Once this is installed, you will not have to manually add links to your site.

There are additional tools, like the analytical dashboard, real-time tracking, and widgets, to assist with marketing, but should you even need any technical support, AWIN has a team waiting to solve any problems. The sign-up process is only four steps but it is nonetheless quite detailed.

Awin DashboardAwin Dashboard
Awin has one of the best designed member dashboards

In terms of payment, AWIN pays quickly and consistently which means you will not be waiting for weeks for the money.

Everyone we have dealt with at AWIN has been professional and responsive, once you join a program you are connected with the affiliate representative for that company. This allows you to ask questions and get help or advice. Once you build a relationship with them and start sending them traffic, you can usually get access to other deals or payouts which are not listed publicly.

We have worked with Awin for over a year now and found them to be very professional, trustworthy and the members area is one of the best we have seen – We highly recommend them!

Visit AWIN

Travel Payouts

If you run a website or blog about traveling then a great network to look at is Travel Payouts, this is an affiliate network designed for travel bloggers, personal bloggers or any other kind of site which talks about hotels, flights, tours or activities.

TravelPayouts homepage

They have a whole range of advertisers which you can use to monetize your website such as, AirBnb,, Trainline and so on. Basically if you have content which relates to travel in any way, you should signup and start directing some links to their advertisers.

Travel Payouts has some great advertisers on board and their platform is super easy to use. Signup is instant and you can then start browsing some of the offers they have.

The Travel Payouts dashboardThe Travel Payouts dashboard
The Travel Payouts dashboard

Their dashboard is very well designed and it’s easy to browse through the advertisers on offer. You will have to add your website details and apply for each offer individually which is standard with these types of brands.

Visit Travel Payouts


What is unique about Shareasale, which has been in business for twenty years, is that it is quite open to new bloggers, so for many neophytes, this program is excellent.

Easy approvable means that you will be able to start using it quickly and of course, that means
you will be making money quickly. Because they accept new bloggers, they actively seek to develop business through an extensive marketing network.



While AWIN has major global names, Shareasale has some larger partners but also offers more niche-focused companies that require individual applications which is not as tedious as it may seem.

Shareasale’s partners include Groodealz, Jane, Healthy Wage, Tailwind, Picmonkey, and Cents of Style, while some of their programs are Blurb, Studio Press, CreativeLive and Grammarly. There are over 2500 affiliate marketing programs from which to choose and to earn commissions.

There is a five-step sign-up process and once this has been completed, you will receive a referral link to be incorporated into your website. Payment is monthly through bank transfer. There are various options for making money since it offers pay-per-sale, pay-per-click and/or pay-for-lead.

Shareasale dashboard – Huge amount of partners

Although relatively self-explanatory, it is important to define these terms. Pay-for-sale is when you earn a certain percentage of the sales made through the blog. Pay-per-click means that you earn money when readers click on the affiliate links in the blog.

Lastly, pay-per-lead can be more complicated since readers must provide contact information on the seller’s page, to which the link in your blog has redirected them.

Your audience does not need to make a purchase for you to earn a commission. An…

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