Aimtell Push Content Network: Just The Facts

Aimtell, the push messaging SaaS technology recently acquired by Digital Media Solutions (DMS), has unveiled its new monetization platform, the Aimtell Push Content Network (PCN). PCN allows self-service Aimtell push marketing users to add monetized web push notifications into their existing push marketing strategies. For brands looking for new monetization opportunities, PCN is a significant new opportunity.

What Are Monetized Web Push Notifications?

A monetized web push notification is a push notification that displays a targeted offer from a third party. A click from a push subscriber on monetized web push notifications generates revenue for the website that sends the push notifications. Similar to display ads, monetized web push notifications provide websites with an additional way to monetize website traffic and push subscriber bases.  

What Is The Aimtell Push Content Network? 

The Aimtell Push Content Network (PCN) is an auto-optimized ad application programming interface (API) that enables users to send monetized web push notifications in addition to web push notifications intended to re-engage subscribers. PCN provides brands with a flexible option to incorporate monetized push marketing campaigns into their existing push marketing strategies. 

While the DMS team manages the ad content for PCN-enabled campaigns, Aimtell users retain complete control over the rest of their push marketing campaigns. For brands looking for a more hands-off approach to push marketing, our fully-managed push marketing monetization option leverages the expertise and experience of the DMS team to manage and optimize the monetization objectives of push marketing campaigns. PCN serves as an in-between option for brands looking for additional monetization opportunities while still managing the majority of their push marketing efforts. 

Do Aimtell Users Manage Any Aspect Of PCN Campaigns?

The DMS team manages the actual ad content within Aimtell PCN push notifications. Aimtell users, however, can decide which verticals best fit their website audiences. Verticals include education, lifestyle, travel, sweeps, career, jobs, health and finance. Specifying verticals may help better engage specific audiences, resulting in better PCN monetization campaign performance. 

Aimtell users can also decide which segment (or segments) of their audiences they wish to target with PCN campaigns. For example, a user might select a segment of subscribers that has engaged with similar content to the chosen vertical. Thus, utilizing audience segmentation for PCN campaigns may yield better results. 

Which Websites Are Best Suited For The Aimtell Push Content Network? 

All Aimtell users can take advantage of PCN. Affiliate marketers and websites focused on lead generation, in particular, may be great fits for PCN. However, anyone with a website who wants to add a revenue stream can benefit from PCN. 

Aimtell users with multiple websites have total control over which sites will enable PCN. Users can implement PCN for some, all or none of their websites based on which audiences are most likely to appreciate and engage with third-party push notifications.

What Are The Top Benefits Of Using The Aimtell Push Content Network?  

The clear benefit of Aimtell PCN is the incremental revenue stream it creates for website owners. Because the DMS team fully manages PCN offers, PCN provides an easy way for any website to monetize website visitors with little additional effort. 

Aimtell PCN campaigns can be especially beneficial to website owners who feel they have fully monetized their existing website real estate, because web push notifications leverage desktop real estate to deliver their messages.

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