Hope, possibilities and new opportunities seem to be reverberating themes in 2021. Last year was trial by fire, but this year there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The old mutually symbiotic relationship of humans and technology has been juiced and now more and more people are looking to turn their side hustles into startups and finally successful businesses. With even more of our lives now confined to the internet, it should only stand to reason then that cyberspace is ripe for investment opportunities. After all,  whether you’re looking to fund an idea, find a new avenue of revenue, or you’d like to earn a passive income, there are various online investment opportunities out there that can aid you in your financial aspirations.

Forex trading online

 The forex market has a daily transaction turnover of $5 trillion dollars, of which $220 billion dollars are traded hourly. Modern technology has made it possible for almost anyone with the means to trade in this vast financial industry.  In the past the forex market was largely impenetrable and was considered the domain of Wall Street investment bankers and brokers. These days trading GBP USD tax free in UK locations is made possible by way of fully regulated online broker firms that provide for speculative trading on over 80 markets.  You’ll be able to choose between major, minor and crosses when it comes to currency pairings and thanks to a barrage of online resources, including training courses and demo accounts, this is the type of online investment that can yield more returns the more time you devote to it.


These days it’s impossible to talk about online investing without talking about cryptocurrencies.  What started off an an obscure notion has within the span of a few short years come to be a driving force within its own right. While still largely outside of the traditional financial sector, its acceptance is slowly but surely coming into fruition. Currently there are thousands of cryptocurrencies but not all are created equal. If you missed out on Bitcoin, whose share price at the time of writing was £39 911,04, you can still look into other much more affordable cryptos such as Ethereum, Chainlink, Safemoon or Binance. Cryptocurrencies alone don’t just stand to change the world, so too does the very technology on which these virtual coins are built – blockchain technology.  Blockchain’s decentralised setup means that it can provide more secure transactions, which in turn is likely going to change the way business and customers communicate with each other in the future.

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Affiliate marketing 

Ever wondered to yourself how you could earn a passive income? Ever fantasized about sitting on the beach sipping your favourite beverage knowing that everything’s taken care of? Now, before you say it sounds too good to be true, it needs to be known that the work must still be done. However, once all the heavy lifting is complete, what follows is upkeep, or maintenance if you will. Affiliate marketing, if done right, can afford you the type of living in which a largely passive income is achievable.  Like any business, you’ll need to grow it and tend to it regularly, but the eventual freedom that it can afford you is as close as one can come to a passive income. The model is quite simple: you advertise and promote a product or service and the more people that get led to such services by way of your adverts and efforts, the more you earn.  Quite simply put, you earn a commission for marketing another person or company’s product.


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