Why Every Fintech Company Should Have an Affiliate Program

With digitalization mounting heights and tremendous technological shifts, the change in the marketing models is more significant than ever. Sustainability in business using traditional marketing methodologies is old and perhaps strenuous to meet the demands of ever-increasing digitalization. Even difficult for financial technology or fintech business where delivering effective and efficient customer-satisfactory service is the ultimate goal.

Today, fintech companies are opting for affiliate programs to bridge the technological gap while meeting the high expectations of their customers. And with all of this in mind, today we will be taking a look at the industry as a whole and why it’s now more important than ever for all agencies, companies and brands in the world of fintech to be looking at their opportunities in the world of online and affiliate marketing.

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The Need for Having an Affiliate Program

Fintech technologies are growing in heaps and bounds with the entry of every entrée in the fintech industry. A variety of different fintech companies are already offering their product to clients from all over the world.

Now, the basic question that a business needs to address is, what makes their business outperform the competitors? Therefore, an efficient marketing campaign is not an option anymore but a necessity to reach the pinnacle of success in the corporate ladder. 

Before we step forward, let us have a look at the top three questions that fintech company owners are curious to know? 

  1. Why do affiliate programs get a competitive edge over traditional marketing strategies?
  2. Why more and more companies are adopting affiliate programs for their business.
  3. Are affiliate programs worth the investment?

If you are looking for whether an affiliate program is worth opting for in your fintech company, then the answer is a big yes-yes. Performance-based affiliate marketing aims to increase conversion rates and maximize business reach. Private banks and card-issuers have started to leverage affiliate programs for their business.

Even more, the governments and public financial institutions are also showing active interest in affiliate programs, partnering with hundreds and thousands of different agencies. Let us delve into the list of reasons why Affiliate Programs are so high in demand. 

Extends your reach

Gone are the days where business reach had a restriction to a limited location. Upgrading your business to affiliate programs unlocks the potentials to extend your business reach to a global level. That means your potential audience or new customers will be not just from your region or state but from worldwide.

Perhaps the biggest advantage you get to switch to affiliate programs is that it promotes brand identity. Leverage affiliate marketing to earn a strong reputation for your brand on global grounds. On the other spectrum, provide your customers a feeling of confidence and a strong level of trust to invest in or do business with your reputable fintech company

Acquire new customers 

Customer acquisition is the prime consideration for any fintech company, and your company is no different. Regardless of your fintech business, be it finance, real estate, your topmost priority is always to acquire more customers. Customer acquisition is perhaps a strenuous and time-consuming part of running a business. Even more challenging if you have little or experience in the fintech industry. 

With affiliate programs, acquiring customers is quick, easy, and cost-effective. In fact, many fintech companies leverage affiliate programs as their modern-day sales representatives to get more customers for their business. The affiliates have their network and channels that help to bring potential customers via affiliate channels. Best of all, most affiliate programs do not charge unless you get your desirable expectations. 


Cost-effectiveness is also a reason why companies choose affiliate programs for their business marketing needs. Be it customer acquisition, promoting products, or earning a brand identity, all these are super easy with affiliate programs at an extremely modest budget. Financial technology service companies are cost-conscious. They are looking at effective marketing channels, and affiliate marketing is the answer.

Affiliate marketing can generate substantial revenue for new clients at a lower price than conventional marketing campaigns. The best part of using affiliate programs is that the payment is only after satisfactory delivery. Moreover, mid-sized and large fintech companies can extend their business reach using affiliate services at a cost-effective budget. 

Maximize ROI

Merely depending on the end management skills to maximize your ROI is perhaps a big mistake. Management skills are unquestionably significant, but the right marketing plays the most vital role to dramatically increase the investment. Affiliate marketing has impressed fintech companies to get an impressive higher return on investment than the traditional marketing strategies.

Above all, there is no initial investment required to start with an affiliate program. That means you pay for only those services you use rather than spend a huge sum as an initial investment. 

Unlocks partnership potentials

Another benefit of opting for affiliate programs is that it unlocks the hidden doors to many possibilities. If you can manage to find a partner to collaborate with, the chances of getting in hype becomes relatively high. For the financial industry, like any industry, SEO plays the role of the real game-changer.

With the right SEO, the traffic generated on a website is immensely high, and so are the chances of your products getting online exposure. This is undoubtedly the main reason for fintech website popularity in the google search engine. 

Boost your campaigns

Campaigning is the most effective way to reach a new audience. Affiliate programs give an additional boost up when launching a new product or feature. Affiliates act as a medium for your product or service visibility. Affiliates use their networks to spread your service and hence act to widen your campaign reach.

Why? Because your potential audience will get to know your product or service you are offering from affiliates within their spheres of influence. Simply put, an affiliate gives direct access to channel your brand to an impressively large targeted audience receptive to what you have to offer.

Why Affiliate Marketing Matters Now More than Ever

Affiliate marketing is effective and a low-risk investment that results in excellent outcomes with impressive ROI. If you are looking for a result-driven tool to skyrocket your fintech company, an affiliate program is an answer. As a Pay-for-Performance (CPA) model, fintech companies can set up commission structures that help eliminate complexities and streamline business to make them a better endeavor in the market.

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Published June 16th, 2021

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