American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Announces

Boca Raton, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Announces First Keynote Speakers for the 29th Annual A4M World Congress in Las Vegas

Themed The Next Chapter: Unmasking the Hidden Epidemic, the esteemed continuing medical education event will provide special attention to neglected medical crises such as brain health, underserved patients populations, environmental health and more.

 The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) the global leader for premium access to the latest innovations, breakthrough technologies and therapies in anti-aging and functional medicine is pleased to announced the first set of keynote speakers for the upcoming 29th Annual A4M World Congress taking place December 9-12, at the Ventian/Palazzo/Sands Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

The landmark continuing medical education event, one of the first large-scale industry meetings to be held in Las Vegas since the city reopened, will feature timely cutting-edge and evidence-based insights from renowned thought leaders, industry changemakers, and clinical experts.

Jud Brewer, MD, PhD  is a New York Times best-selling author, neuroscientist, addiction psychiatrist, and thought leader in the field of habit change. He is the Director of Research and Innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center, where he also serves as an associate professor. He is the executive medical director at Sharecare Inc. and a research affiliate at MIT. Dr. Jud has developed and tested novel mindfulness programs for habit change, including treatments for smoking, emotional eating, and anxiety. During the congress Dr. Jud will lead a presentation titled Unwinding Anxiety: why anxiety levels spiked during the pandemic, how we coped in unhealthy ways, and what we can do to break the cycle.

Sheldon Jordan, MD, FAAN, DABPN, DABCN, DABIPP is a board certified neurologist, Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at UCLA and USC, an Adjunct Professor at Providence Saint John’s Research Center. Among a variety of additional topics, Dr. Sheldon has served as a Chief Investigator examining Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for the treatment of depression, pain and a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Ronnie S. Stangler, MD  is a board-certified psychiatrist, Clinical Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and is the Founder of Genome Advisory. An expert in family and organizational dynamics and crisis management, Dr. Stangler has established a special expertise in addressing the profound ethical, social, legal, privacy, moral and behavioral quandaries related to genomics applications. 

Special Guest & Moderator

Kien Vuu, MD is not only the event moderator but a special guest presenter.  Dr. Vuu is an esteemed concierge performance and longevity physician specializing in human optimization and regenerative medicine. In addition to leading the congress as moderator, Dr. Vuu will lead a presentation on the “thrive state,” exploring how individuals can access optimal health, longevity, and peak performance.

“I am delighted to announce the focus on Brain Health in our upcoming World Congress,” said Dr. Andrew Heyman, A4M Director of Academic Affairs. “The deep interaction between mind and brain are only now being revealed in profound ways through scientific breakthroughs across many disciplines. How we cognize the world around us, learn and grow, respond to stressful events and develop coping skills, all serve to build the house of consciousness. Underneath these ideas lay the biological reality, the material machinery, that forms the basis for self awareness and mindfulness. How do we optimize the mind-brain axis to enhance aging and longevity? How do we maximize neurological resiliency and build metabolic reserve to prevent neurodegenerative disorders? What are the secrets to regeneration buried deep within the brain? All of this and more will be covered at the most extraordinary event A4M has held in years. These world class scientists, researchers and clinicians will be assembled to decode some of the most important questions of the ages and reveal advanced breakthroughs in the neurosciences, psychoneuroimmunology, and the fundamental connection between mind and brain.”

The highly anticipated congress aims to help fuel the growing movement in healthcare to make whole-person care the standard, and help build a more resilient medical community.  In examining the most forward-thinking insights and strategies surrounding brain health, wellness optimization, and more, these speakers will help attendees envision and build this next chapter in healthcare, centered on science-based, whole-person medicine. 


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