The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress?

Amazon affiliate marketers are no strangers to the roadblocks they encounter while promoting their affiliate links. Though the priority is to land and increase sales, the only means to achieve this is by offering value to the end-user.

Starting with worthy content, you also need to optimize it well to catch the attention of search engine algorithms. Above all, you need an exciting ‘Call to Action’ that will compel the reader to click on the link and proceed to make a purchase.

Now, as straightforward as it might sound, there are some common problems that marketers encounter with affiliate links. At times, the product might be temporarily or permanently out of stock, or the page might no longer be in place. Essentially, this alleviates the opportunity to profit – even if you managed to get the other steps right.

In short, what you need is an affiliate tool that will automatically update your affiliate links.

One such provider active in this space is that of AAWP. In this review, we explore the ins and outs of what AAWP is, what features and benefits it offers, and ultimately – whether it is the right product for you and your online business.

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AAWP: The Flexible WordPress Plugin

AAWP provides you with all of the necessary tools that you would need to excel as an Amazon affiliate marketer. It boasts several features that can help boost your affiliate page performance and, therefore, increase your earning potential.

The software comes packed with tools that help you create interesting layouts for your Amazon products to improve your website’s user experience. Besides the customizable design, marketers can also improve functionality to enhance the shortcodes used on their site.

Most importantly, all affiliate links on your blogs will be automatically updated, guaranteeing that you will earn your commissions no matter what changes occur.

AAWP HomepageAAWP Homepage
AAWP Homepage

AAWP Features

The plugin has six core functionalities, along with several other tools that can adapt to your needs.

Text Links

Amazon Text Links is perhaps an essential feature that every affiliate plugin should have. So why choose AAWP to create them?

For one, these links can be included anywhere on your blog, with or without the Amazon symbol. And then, these AAWP links are always a ‘nofollow’, meaning that it will not influence your search engine rankings.

Now, you might not always want the ASIN or the product name to be displayed in the link. As such, AAWP also comes with the option to customize each link to a line that’s more suited to the CTA.

Product Boxes

An affiliate site will fail to attract any viewers without a few product boxes popping up. Crucially, having a product box is undoubtedly a better alternative than using a text and image widget.

What AAWP offers is banners of products that are designed to raise your conversion rates. These are customizable and clickable, so your customers can be directed to the product pages right away.

Instead of being restricted with selected templates – in AAWP you can create unique product boxes that work well with your WordPress style with different fonts and colours.

Single Product BoxSingle Product Box
Single Product Box

Bestseller Lists

Listicles are an absolute favourite of affiliates and viewers alike. It lets you include multiple product details all in one post. This feature simply puts together all the bestselling products of a specific niche or category. You only need to enter the product keyword, and AAWP will provide you with the item list.

You can display this list in forms of the Product Boxes feature that we covered earlier. This makes it even more efficient, as you do not have to redo the configurations for each product. Instead, they will all consistently feature the same style and design.

Best Seller ListsBest Seller Lists
Best Seller Lists

New Releases Lists

A similar feature to BestSellers, New Releases will create a list of the latest products of any given niche. AAWP can generate lists of any new product categories by entering the corresponding shortcode.

The only downside of this feature is that you cannot decide which products should go on the list. The list is created automatically based on the release date. If you want to choose the products yourself, you will need to select them individually using Product Boxes.

Data Fields

At first glance, Data Fields might not strike as a necessary feature when compared to text fields and product displays. However, it allows you to feature specific product details without having to cover descriptions of the item. For instance, you can create a “Shop Now” button with an Amazon symbol that will create a simple, yet direct CTA.

Additionally, you can also include them as a part of tables or templates, along with any customization you would prefer.


The WordPress sidebar is a pretty interesting place to add your product boxes. AAWP Widgets allow you to add their core features in the sidebar. If your theme provides the option to include them in the header, you can do that as well.

What you will find most appealing is that these widgets are customizable, so you can tailor them to go along with your blog. As these widgets are always displayed based on categories, it will always be relevant to the content as well.

Best Features of AAWP

While the core functionalities are indeed timesavers, there are a few more features that make AAWP a perfect fit for Amazon’s affiliate marketers.

Comparison Tables

You might have heard of AAWP most likely because of its Comparison Table feature. As the name suggests, the tool is extremely useful in encouraging customers to click on your links. In fact, if you are doing reviews or recommending products, a comparison table has become the most essential and useful tool to help customers make their purchase decision.

The beauty of AAWP is that it allows you to create these right from your WordPress blog, without needing any specific coding skills.

Compared to its competitors, AAWP attracts users with its customization options available for all its features. More importantly, the comparison table builder can be edited even after you have posted it by overwriting the content types. This is particularly useful if you want to change individual columns later.

AAWP offers a wide range of descriptions to include in these tables – in terms of product information and custom output. For example, you can insert reviews, add buttons, and prices. These are dynamic links, displaying real-life data taken via the Amazon API key. The style can also be changed to blend in with the rest of your content.

Comparison TablesComparison Tables
Comparison Tables


Geotargeting is a crucial feature for affiliate marketers not only to improve their earnings but also to offer a better customer experience. If your customer clicks on a link that redirects them to another country’s Amazon page, they are not likely to be buying from there. Instead, what geotargeting does is to send them to their respective Amazon pages.

Initially, Amazon Associate programs required marketers to sign up separately for each location they wanted to target. Now, the Amazon Onelink functionality facilitates international marketing to a handful of countries in the EU and Asia.

Depending on your specific target markets, you might want to turn on the AAWP geotargeting feature too. The plugin benefits from a third-party service that redirects your visitors to their nearest Amazon stores. It is a brilliant feature that will help you to monetize foreign visitors and make more revenue through conversions.

The Geotargetting SettingThe Geotargetting Setting
The Geotargetting Setting

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Amazon mobile app is the most used shopping application in the US, with over 150 million active customers utilizing it to make purchases. When you factor in the international market, the numbers would be exponentially higher.

It is no news that if you want to benefit truly from Amazon shopping trends, you need to ensure that your blog and content is
responsive enough for all smart devices. Now, the blog part is well taken care of by WordPress developers. But, does your current affiliate plugin also do the same without slowing the page down?

AAWP has added layers that will work well with Google’s AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages. In essence, it will guarantee that your mobile pages are loaded fast, without losing its charm. As such, it will minimize the CSS and JS elements on your page.

AAWP also offers support for a number of WordPress AMP plugins. However, if you want to stick to AAWP’s original AMP, they also have a dedicated optimized template that will automatically load in mobile devices. The best part is that this AMP will also support all the AAWP functionalities, including product boxes and widgets. However, you might miss out on the Comparison Tables.

Other Tools

Apart from these highlighted features, AAWP also offers several other necessary tools that will enhance your blog and marketing performance.

  • Amazon Partner Networks – AAWP supports Amazon PartnerNet for the US, Canada, EU, Japan, , India and Brazil. The countries can be selected…

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