RSS affiliate to organise global campaign for patent-free Covid vaccines and medicines

The Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM) has decided to organise a global campaign on June 20 to press for patent-free vaccines and medicines for COVID-19.

”The SJM has declared June 20, 2021, as ‘Jagriti Divas’ (Awareness Day) for patent-free vaccines and medicines,” the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) affiliate said in a statement on Monday.

On the occasion, more than 2,000 programmes will be organised ”in every nook and corner” of the country and the rest of the world, it added.

Those participating in the campaign will hold demonstrations at various locations in India and abroad demanding patent-free COVID-19 vaccines and medicines, SJM’s co-convenor Ashwani Mahajan said.

The SJM expressed its ”deep appreciation” for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call at the G-7 summit for following the ”one earth, one health” approach to effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic globally.

”It is proven beyond doubt that the worst pandemic faced by humanity can be dealt with only by a collective global effort, especially, what Prime Minister Modi has said by democratic and transparent countries,” it said.

At this hour, countries must come forward, pool their resources, support a waiver of the trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIPS) and ensure that vaccines and medicines are made patent-free, the SJM said.

”We appreciate the stance of the G7 nations, in particular France, which has unambiguously supported India’s and South Africa’s endeavour for a TRIPS waiver in WTO, along with technology transfer and a smooth supply of raw materials,” it added.

The RSS affiliate also appreciated ”the changed approach of the US in ensuring support for a TRIPS waiver for vaccines and also lifting of embargoes on the supply of raw materials to the rest of the world”.

”We also put on record our deep appreciation for parliamentarians, scientists and nobel laureates from across the globe, including those from the European Union and the USA, for their wholehearted support for India’s TRIPS waiver proposal and exerting pressure on their respective governments to stand with the cause of humanity,” the SJM added.

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