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Affiliate programs: Are the earnings real?

7 June 2021


Today, affiliate programs are one of the most profitable methods of earning money online. There are many people who know how to make money from affiliate programs, and who make a good profit.

And the best part is that anyone can run such a business themselves, even without a website! Of course, a web presence greatly expands the capabilities of the user, but today it is quite realistic to cope without it.

How do affiliate programs work?

The principle of affiliate programs is very simple. For example, there is a site that sells books, concluding an agreement with the owner, the business commits to the involvement of buyers in exchange for a percentage of the profits from their purchases. The owner’s profit will depend on the activity of attracted buyers.

They, in turn, will probably recommend the product to others, which will bring a further small percentage of their sales. A bit like network marketing, it allows the user to earn, so it has a right to exist.

Earnings on affiliate programs: myths and reality

Quite often there is the belief that making money on affiliate programs is not real. Many people either do not believe that the method can bring profit, or, having tried it and not gotten the result they expected, abandoned the started business halfway.

However, the problem is that the most people just do not know how to make money from affiliate programs, so they need a good guide in the world of online business. This type of income has its own nuances. But the desired result can be achieved – one only needs to spend time (just as employees go to work every day in the office).

How to earn in affiliate programs

Conditions of work in different affiliate programs differ, but the scheme is usually approximately the same:

  • The individual registers in the affiliate program of interest

  • They fix banner or a special (referral) link to their own webpages

  • They place links or banners wherever possible to attract people. On a personal website (or a homepage), the owner can place a banner ad and write a short article using basic tags that will allow the site to reach enough positions in search engines

  • People who are interested in the proposal make the transition via the personal referral link to buy goods or order services, and as a result the affiliate pays a certain previously agreed percentage

  • Buyers also can begin to earn on this program. For this purpose, they have to complete registration in an affiliate, having arrived on a site via a referral-link. The income from their sales will also bring the link owner profit. However, not all affiliate programs have two-tiered referral systems that allow for passive income.

Types of affiliate programs:

  • Affiliate programs with a percentage on sales – this example is detailed above. This method is used, as a rule, by online stores. One receives a commission for the attracted client, who bought the goods under the referral link.

  • Affiliate programs with payment for actions performed by the client – action is understood as a certain condition (processing credit, registration, subscription to a newsletter, passing a test), which is performed by the person involved, and for this the site owner gets a commission. As an example, works on this basis.

  • Affiliate programs participating that pay for clicks or displays – in this case, profits will depend on the impressions or conversions on the ads.


It is important to understand that affiliate programs for making money are potentially quite relevant and can bring their owners good profits. Every day there are more and more affiliate programs in the network, and they cater for both beginners and professionals alike.

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